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200W water wave light
  • 200W water wave light
  • 200W water wave light
  • 200W water wave light
  • 200W water wave light
  • 200W water wave light
200W water wave light

The master of outdoors advertising, high lumen series possesses low power, Far distance, super HD. 

Equipped original high-power OSRAM LED chip, super heat-conducting copper board.

Heat sink 's 80% is made from model 1070 Aluminum, heat dissipation up to 95% independent research and develop drive solution, even eletrolysis are used for 30,000 hours, realize luminous efficacy above 90%. 

Turn On /Off and Rotating/Stop functions are controllable by switch key or remote. 

Beam angle are  30°/50° for your selection.

Water wave can be 150 in 24m distance with 30° beam angle, and 150 in 15m distance with 50° beam angle

【Series】:Static type gobo light

waterwave projection light 200W







Model No.: WT-WW20065
Power: 200W
Input Voltage:  AC85-265V
Gross Weight: 8.2kg
LED Source:  Osram LED 
Material: Aluminum Alloy 1070
Appearance: Oxidized Black 
IP Rank IP65
Warranty: 2 years
Life Span: 30000 Hours
Installation: Surface Mounted
Product Size: 310mmX210mmX260mm
30° Projection Area/Distance <150 /24m in normal
50° Projection Area/Distance <150 /15m in normal
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